New – ADHEAR hearing aid

  • Inconspicuous position behind the ear
  • No surgery is required
  • Easy handling and maintenance
  • Without pressure on the skin
  • Great wearing comfort

New – Artificial Intelligence in the “livio” hearing aid

  • Keep track of your health with the Thrive app
  • Find the phone by telling you to call it
  • Have the hearing aid remind you of an event you have created
  • And many more features

Insulin pump MiniMed 740G

  • An insulin pump is a semi-automated device that continuously delivers short-acting insulin or its analogue to ensure physiological insulin absorption
  • The insulin pump contains a reservoir filled with insulin and connected to an infusion system. Insulin passes into the subcutaneous tissue through a metal or soft Teflon cannula in the system catheter
  • The insulin pump can be connected to a transmitter and glucose sensor for continuous glucose monitoring
  • Enables real-time display of insulin pump data on the patient’s and support person’s mobile device
  • More details here

Shoes “Ela”

  • The “memory foam” adapts to the wearer’s foot for a more comfortable wearing experience.
  • Convenient and easy ~ 200g
  • The special design of the sole has an anti-slip effect, which ensures a safe working environment.
  • More details here

Jewett Frame

  • Lightweight aluminum structure
  • Excellent side adjustment
  • Can be adjusted to height
  • More details here