Acticoat and Acticoat 7 – Sylcryst ™ Nanocrystalline Silver Bandage


  • kills a wide range of bacteria in less than 30 minutes ;
  • effective barrier against more than 150 pathogens, incl. MRSA and VRE ( in-vitro );
  • protects the wound site from bacterial infection,
  • effectively reduces bacteria in an already infected wound;
  • maintains an optimal moist environment for wound healing;
  • non-stick wound contact layer;
  • promotes faster wound closure;
  • low toxicity;
  • frees necrotic tissue when used with Intrasite Gel.
  • Acticot can be kept for up to 3 days, Acticoat for 7 to 7 days.

Indications: superficial, partially large and deep infected wounds, incl. bedsores, venous ulcers, diabetic ulcers, burns, skin donor and recipient sites.

5cm x 5cm
10cm x 10cm
10cm x 20cm