Co-Plus – self-locking elastic bandage for fixing bandages and injuries


  • elastic textile,
  • light, strong, durable,
  • fixes to itself, but does not stick to the skin, does not slip,
  • air permeable,
  • easily tearable,
  • especially suitable for sensitive skin,
  • maintains constant compression and fixation,
  • suitable for double tying technique,
  • does not contain latex.

Indications: for fixation of primary dressings, injuries of soft tissues, prevention of injuries, easy fixation of joints, influence of possible types of free movement.

2.5 cm x 2 meters (stretched 4.5 m)
5 cm x 2 m (stretched 4.5m)
7.5 cm x 2 m (stretched 4.5 m)
10 cm x 2 m (stretched 4.5m)