Delta Cast Soft – semi-rigid synthetic gypsum bond, glass fibre free

Curing time approx. 3-5 minutes.


  • flexible when applied,
  • light and durable
  • Breathable,
  • smooth surface and edges,
  • X-ray transmissive,
  • the patient regains mobility faster, blood circulation improves,
  • speeds up the healing process and reduces the rehabilitation period,
  • helps avoid or reduce muscle atrophy and other immobilisation-related problems,
  • Ideal for application on hard-to-reach parts of the body,
  • can be removed with scissors or by unwinding, no oscillating saw needed.

Bone fractures and disease, joint disorders, soft tissue disorders and disease, orthopaedic correction.

10cm x 3,6m
12,5cm x 3,6m