Jelonet – woven dressing impregnated with paraffin

The dressing acts as a non-stick, softening barrier between the wound and the secondary dressing, providing exudate permeability and discharge into the secondary dressing.


  • soft and non-sticky;
  • very good wound contact layer, which drains the wound fluid into the secondary dressing;
  • can be used with any topical antiseptic ( Intrasite gel, Acticoat ).
  • sterile, individually wrapped;
  • different sizes available.

Indications: scalds, burns, frostbite, torn wounds, extensive abrasions, wounds with skin loss, skin donor sites, skin transplant sites, trophic ulcers.

5cm x 5cm
10cm x 10cm
10cm x 40cm
15cm x 2m
10cm x 7m