Livio AI

Livio® AI is the world’s first hearing aid that provides both excellent sound quality and the ability to follow the health of your body and brain. With integrated sensors and artificial intelligence, Livio AI can detect if you have fallen and act as an assistant.

  • Hearing Reality is effective in both noisy and quiet environments, as well as enjoying improved speech clarity.
  • Easily customize your hearing aids anytime, anywhere with the Thrive app.
  • The first hearing aid ever to incorporate integrated sensors so you can track body and brain health activities and send alerts.
  • The smallest, rechargeable device with 24 hours of excellent hearing on a single charge.
  • New technology provides consistent wireless performance when using your smartphone or wireless accessories to stream mobile phones, TV, music or other media.
  • Personalized control in the Thrive ™ app, allowing you to make adjustments to suit your preferences in a variety of listening environments.
  • Surface ™ NanoShield, our innovative water, wax and moisture repellent system to protect and ensure durability and reliability.
  • A whole new way to experience music – adjustable via the app. Pure, refined sound quality.
  • The Hearing Control application makes it easy to connect your Livio® AI and Livio® hearing aids to Apple® and Android devices.
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