Glucose monitoring systems


IPro2 continuous glucose monitoring system.

The system detects and analyzes glucose fluctuations over a period of up to 7 days in 24 hours by recording 288 measurements. iPro2 detects latent hypoglycaemia and hyperglycaemia, provides information on the effects of diet and exercise on glycemic control, and warns of the approach of high or low glycemia.

System components:

Ipro2 Digital recorder-  collects and stores data from the glucose sensor
ipro2 sensor sani.png

ipro2 recorders.jpg

Glucose sensor  a membrane – coated electrode with Sen-serter  the device is injected through the skin into the subcutaneous fat layer. The sensor informs the transmitter of the amount of glucose at the interstitial fluid injection site.

The resulting glycemic data is uploaded to the website and processed graphically. These data should be shared with your doctor. The information obtained provides an additional opportunity for the doctor to make adjustments in the treatment of diabetes together with the patient.