Insulin pump

Insulin pump  is a semi – automatic device that  continuous subcutaneous insulin or an analogue thereof is administered subcutaneously around the clock.
The insulin pump contains an insulin-filled reservoir with an infusion set at the end of the catheter.  Insulin enters the subcutaneous tissue through a catheter.
The infusion system / catheter should be changed every 2 to 3 days.

NameMiniMed 640G
Size (mm)96 x 53 x 24
Weight (g)96 g
Tank capacity180 DC / 300 DV
Number and magnitude of basal doses48 options / day; 0.025 – 35 DV st
Number of basal programs8
Minimum duration of basal insulin dose30 min
Deva step
  • 0.025DV for the base dose up to 0.957DV
  • 0.05DV for the base dose up to 9.95 DV
  • 0.1DV for a base dose of 10.0 DV
Temporary change in basal dosePossibility to temporarily increase or decrease the existing basal dose for a period of 30 minutes. up to 24 hours
Maximum Bolus Dose75 DV
Step to increase the bolus dose0.1 DV ar  possibility to change the step to 0.025 DV or 0.05DV
Methods of bolus administrationNormal, long – lasting, combined, predictable
Battery type1.5 AA lithium (FR6) or one 1.5 AA alkaline (LR6) battery
Battery life3 – 4 weeks
Special benefits
  • Bolus Dose Calculator – Bolus Wizard
  • Compatible with Guardian 2 Link transmitter and Enlite glucose sensor for continuous glucose monitoring
  • SmartGuard  function predicts and prevents hypoglycaemia by automatically switching off and resuming the basal dose
  • Compatible with the Contour Plus Link 2.4 glucometer – measures blood glucose levels and sends the result wirelessly to the pump; provides remote bolus dose delivery; Uploads insulin pump history data to CareLink Personal
  • Vertical pump shape – easy to use for both right-handed and left-handed users
Warranty period4 years

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