Nasara Gitter Tape – grid tape


  • made of high quality polyester, polyurethane and the latest generation acrylic adhesive;
  • the elasticity of the tape on the skin and muscles is even;
  • smooth and silky, pleasant to the skin;
  • the tapes do not contain medicines or other active ingredients;
  • suitable for pain, trigger or acupuncture points;
  • it not only treats the painful area, but affects the whole body together, helping to regulate the body’s internal balance.

Indications: for the stimulation and relaxation of hypotonic muscles, for the protection of muscles against overload, for the protection of joints, for the relief of pain, for the reduction of inflammation, for the reduction of lymphedema and hematoma, for the improvement of free movement, for the correction of posture and fascia.

A: 4 x 3 – 9 tapes on 1 sheet
B: 4 x 3 – 6 tapes on 1 sheet
C: 5 x 6 – 2 tapes on 1 sheet