Opsite Flexigrid – self-adhesive, transparent film dressing


  • waterproof, bacteria resistant;
  • water vapor permeable, breathable;
  • preserves the exudate in the wound, which contains the nutrients and leukocytes necessary for the growth of the cells;
  • can be easily adjusted to awkward places;
  • unique wound measurement grid;
  • can hold on to wounds for up to 14 days.

Indications: superficial bedsores, bedside prevention; mild burns, scalds, abrasions, torn wounds, leg healing in the final stage of healing, skin abrasion and blister prevention, catheter fixation, postoperative wounds, skin donor sites, skin transplantation, secondary dressing for fixation of primary dressings ( Intrasite Gel, Allevyn Non-Adhesive ).

6cm x 7cm
10cm x 12cm
15cm x 20cm
25cm x 12cm