Opsite Incise – incision film


  • ensures the sterility of the operating fields;
  • adheres very well to the skin and the edges of the wound, thus completely preventing the horizontal migration of microbes across the skin surface;
  • transparent, breathable, waterproof;
  • very thin and durable;
  • very high water vapor permeability;
  • flexible and easy to use.

Indications: for use in all types of operations in various fields: orthopedics, neurosurgery, ophthalmology, pediatrics, abdominal, thoracic, polastic and cardiovascular surgery.

10 cm x 14 cm 28 cm x 45 cm
14 cm x 25 cm 40 cm x 42 cm
15 cm x 28 cm 45 mc x 55 cm
28 cm x 30 cm 56 mc x 84 cm