Allevyn Life – self-adhesive silicone gel, hyper-absorbent foam dressing


Suitable for superficial and deep wounds with moderate to heavy exudation, especially for sensitive and fragile skin:

  • Granulating wounds
  • Diabetic foot ulcers
  • Surgical wounds
  • Grade I and II burns
  • Donor and recipient sites
  • Retrieved from
  • Venous ulcers
  • Fungal chules
  • Skin lacerations

Allevyn Life
– self-adhesive silicone gel dressing helps to provide the most favourable moist environment in the wound for fast and painless healing. The non-stick silicone gel wound contact layer does not stick to the wound and ensures atraumatic removal. The hydrocellular foam layer drains the fluid into a hyperabsorbent capping layer that absorbs exudate and odour exceptionally well, especially under compression therapy (in vitro), and prevents exudate leakage during traction. The masking layer aesthetically conceals the exudate, reduces the visual impact between dressing changes and acts as a dressing change indicator, optimising the frequency of dressing changes and reducing dressing wastage. The outer tetrahedral waterproof film layer is breathable, air permeable and helps prevent bacterial contamination. You can wash!

Allevyn Life can be used in combination with
Intrasite gel
which simultaneously cleanses the wound of the necrotic tissue and absorbs excess exudate without damaging the granulation cells.

Alleyn bandages are long-lasting up to 7 days!


10.3cm x 10.3cm

12,9cm x 12,9cm

15.4cm x 15.4cm

21cm x 21cm


Price for 1 piece!