Gitter tape – Grid tape

Nasara lattice tape is applied to acupuncture points or to body pain and trigger points. The tape is thin, smooth, silky, elastic, hypoallergenic, waterproof, breathable, provides excellent adhesion to the skin, comfortable to wear, comfortable.

The tape consists of 80% polyester and 15% polyurethane coated with a skin-friendly 5% acrylic adhesive. The tape does not contain drugs or other active ingredients.

Effect of grid tape:

  • reduces tension and pain;
  • relaxes muscles and ligaments;
  • reduces swelling and bruising;
  • regulates the internal balance of the body.


  • Type A (9 tapes / sheet) – for children on all parts of the body and for adults on the face
  • Type B (6 tapes / sheet) – for adults on all parts of the body except the face and joints
  • Type C (2 tapes / sheet) – for adults on all points of the body, joints, back except face

Price per pack (20 sheets).