Intrasite Gel

Intrasite Gel – a hydrogel bandage consisting of a modified Carboxymethyl cellulose polymer, propylene glycol and water. At the same time, the wound is cleansed of necrotic tissue, absorbs excess exudate, as well as provides the moist environment necessary for its healing.

  • Can be used at all stages of wound healing.
  • Absorbs necrotic tissue without damaging granulation cells.
  • Contains propylene glycol, which provides a bacteriostatic effect and prevents the wound from drying out.
  • Provides an ideal moist environment for wound healing.
  • Non-stick to the wound, rinses easily and painlessly without damaging the granulation cells. Intended for superficial and deep wounds, indications:
    • bedsores;
    • trophic ulcers
    • surgical wounds, malignancies
    • burns, frostbite, radiation burns,
    • torn wounds, abrasions,
    • granulating hollow wounds
    • infected wounds.