PHYSIOPACK – reusable cold and heat pack

– reusable compress for cold and hot therapy.


  • relieves pain when heated or cooled;
  • reduces muscle tension and pain.

Cold therapy cold compress :

  • in sports traumatology: for the treatment of tendon / muscle injuries and physiotherapy, as well as for the treatment of tendon / muscle and joint inflammation;
  • to reduce nerve conduction and pain. Reduces blood circulation to reduce the risk of worsening muscle injury;
  • helps reduce swelling and hematomas;
  • reduces headaches and toothaches.

Heat therapy – hot compress:

  • for the prevention and rehabilitation of tendon / muscle and ligament injuries: muscle cramps, rheumatism, lumbago, stiff neck;
  • increases blood circulation;
  • increases the elasticity and plasticity of collagen fibers.