Soffban Plus – material for lining orthopaedic immobilisations


  • very soft and shock-absorbing,
  • absorbs sweat and exudate well, reducing the chances of skin maceration and inflammation,
  • Triclosan in the dressing prevents unpleasant odours,
  • adapts well to the shape of the body, stays in place,
  • X-ray transmissive,
  • can be autoclaved,
  • wrapped in paper, does not need to be unwrapped before autoclaving.

Indications: for lining orthopaedic immobilisations under conventional or synthetic plaster casts.

5cm x 2,7m
7,5cm x 2,7m
10cm x 2,7m
15cm x 2,7m
20cm x 2.7m